Torre del Filosofo

Torre del Filosofo

From the area in front of the Refuge Sapienza (1900 m), take the route followed by the minibuses to the summit craters. In this first section of the itinerary, the road waves through the pillars of the cable car. In about one hour and a half, you will reach the end of the cable car at an altitude of 2500 m. From the end of the cable car go on by the Montagnola and, after about one hour and a half, you get to the arrival point of the minibuses, where once rose Torre del Filosofo (2900 m), which nowadays is completely buried. Torre del Filosofo was the highest outpost of Mount Etna, from where it was possible to see closely the eruptions and stay overnight. The legend tells that the philosopher Empedocles got here and threw himself into the crater.
From here, a path starts and goes up to the craters Barbagallo, which formed during the eruption of 2001-2002. This is the ending point of the excursion from where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over southeastern Sicily.

Route Torre del Filosofo

Data sheet

  • Travel time: 3 hours
  • Overall length: 2,5 km
  • Difference in altitude: 1000 m
  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Start point GPS coordinate: 37.700358, 14.998840
  • Arrival point GPS coordinate: 37.736566, 15.000529
  • Elements of naturalistic interest: Crateri Silvestri, lava fields of 2001 and 2001, craters Barbagallo, view of the southeastern crater and the central crater, panoramic view of the gulf of Catania until Capo Passero.