Monte Nero
degli Zappini

Monte Nero degli Zappini

It is one of the most popular itineraries of the Park of Etna and it is ideal for families with children.
The start point is in Piano Vetore at the wooden lodge of “Etna Sci”. From here you will reach the Botanical Garden Nuova Gussonea, passing through ancient and new lava fields (1985 – 2001), lava flow caves, “hornitos” (welded lava slag cones), “cannon” stones, woods and majestic pine trees. In the botanical garden you can see all the species of plants from Mount Etna. From here, walking along a stretch of paved road, you will reach the start point, completing the ring route.

Route Monte Nero degli Zappini

Data sheet

  • Travel time: 1 hour
  • Overall length: 2 km
  • Difference in altitude: 200 m
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Start point GPS coordinate: 37.693388, 14.981309
  • Arrival point GPS coordinate: 37.693388, 14.981309
  • Elements of naturalistic interest: lava fields (1985 – 2001), “hornitos”, “cannon” stones, refuge Santa Barbara, cave Santa Barbara, cave Gussonea, pine forests.