Booking Terms and Conditions

Request availability

To make a reservation you should firstly check the availability of your chosen holiday home:

  • From your chosen accommodation, please select the menu item "Booking"
  • By sending a request to;
  • By phone calling on +39 329. 59 59 548.

Accepting your booking

Communication via email or telephone is required to confirm your booking. You will then be sent the appropriate booking form to fill in.

How to Secure your booking

To Secure your booking 30% of the total rental fee is required as a deposit within 7 days.
You should send a fully completed booking form, a copy of the payment and proof of identification (only of the person booking) via email to

How to pay your deposit (30% of the total rental fee):

The deposit may be paid in the following ways:

  • BACs Payment/bank transfer (Account details will be sent at time of booking)
  • Pay online with your credit card
     PAY NOW

Paying your Balance

On arrival and after seeing the property you will be asked to sign the terms and conditions and state that you are fully satisfied with the property. The final balance is due at this stage.

Security Deposit

Upon arrival after your check-in you will be requested to pay a security deposit in the sum of € 200, to guarantee the condition of the property. The deposit is refunded on check-out, after the condition of the property has been fully checked.

Cancellation policy

The Guest can withdraw from the contract up to 30 days before the expected arrival date, by a written communication that he/she has to send to Pomelia Holiday Homes within the above-mentioned term. In this case, Pomelia Holiday Homes will refund the Guest the deposit amount, within seven working days from the withdrawal’s communication. If the Guest communicates the withdrawal later than the above-mentioned term, Pomelia Holiday Homes will retain the 30% of the total amount of the reservation, already paid by the Guest as deposit of the reservation (point 2.). Finally, in case of no-show of the Guest at the check-in, without any precautionary communication of withdrawal, Pomelia Holiday Homes will retain the total received deposit, with the obligation of the Guest to make the payment of the balance (according to the agreed price) within seven working days from the agreed arrival date.

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