Tindari beach

The beach of Tindari is famous for the particular shape of the sandy beach surrounded by the sea, which extends at the foot of a promontory forming some small lakes. The beach, known as Marinello Olivieri, is located between Milazzo and Capo d’Orlando and extends for about 2 km inside the Nature Reserve of the Lakes of Marinello, along the northeastern coast of Sicily, 60 km from Messina. This beautiful and wild natural oasis, surrounded by the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, is bathed by a clear and crystalline sea: on one side the waters are less deep and protected by the sand strip, while on the other one they are deeper and exposed to winds. To reach the beach you can park in the reserved area, but you have to walk a lot on foot and often under the sun along a path inside the reserve. You can also walk to the near equipped beach or take a boat for about 5 euros. Very few people reach this beach, therefore it is the ideal place for those who love peace and want to enjoy the beauty of a sea where nature is still wild and pristine.


Name: Tindari
Type: light sand
Municipality: Patti (ME)
Length: 2 km
Recommended for: everybody
Exposure: north-northeast
Services: services about 1 km away
Access: free
Parking: free
How to reach the beach: from Messina proceed for about 50 km along the road E 90, then take the exit to Falcone and follow the signs to Marinello Olivieri
GPS: Lat: 38.14294, Lon:15.061689

The legend of the Black Virgin of Tindari

According to a legend, this beach miraculously formed after the fall of a baby from the terrace of the Sanctuary, where a statue of a black Virgin is preserved. After falling down, the baby was found safe on the beach by her mother. Having seen the miracle, she changed her mind about the true miraculous nature of the sculpture of the Virgin, about which she had doubted due to her dark skin.