Riserva del Plemmirio beach

The Maddalena Peninsula, located in the Nature Reserve of Plemmirio, rises south of the island of Ortigia and offers several beaches and beautiful cliffs. The reserve is located along the eastern coast of Sicily, just 10 km from Syracuse. Its waters, ranging from emerald green to the turquoise of the deepest points, host a rich and suggestive marine biodiversity among fascinating caves, which are ideal for scuba diving lovers. Among the most beautiful caves, there are the caves of Plemmirio and Capo Meli, as well as marine cavities and rock formations, such as the Arches and the Giant’s Tongue. Among the cliffs, there are several coves and small beaches. La Fanusa, for instance, is a pristine golden sandy beach, after which you find the Costa Bianca, a rocky area with a crystal sea. The richness of marine and terrestrial biodiversity makes the Plemmirio the ideal place for excursion and scuba diving lovers.


Name: Penisola della Maddalena (Riserva Naturale del Plemmirio)
Type: golden sand and rocks
Municipality: Syracuse (SR)
Length: 15 km
Recommended for: everybody
Exposure: east-southeast
Services: bar, restaurant nearby
Access: free
Parking: free
How to reach the beach: from Syracuse proceed for about 14 km following the signs to Riserva Naturale del Plemmirio along the road SS 115 and take the SP 58
GPS: Lat: 37.0027484, Lon:15.3314106

The Nature Reserve of Plemmirio

This area, which extends along a 15 km coastline, has become a protected oasis since 2005, when the Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio was established. Along the rocky coast there is a diversified Mediterranean flora, formed mainly by palmettoes and thyme plants, which are closest to the sea, while in the drier inland there are saffron plants, carob trees and myrtle plants.