Pozzillo beach

The coast of Pozzillo, a characteristic seaside hamlet of Acireale, is located 25 km from Catania on the east coast of Sicily. It is characterized by a crystalline sea and a dark pebble beach surrounded by cliffs with high waters. This enchanting location is ideal for those who like to relax on the rocks and snorkel. Its name, Torre Pozzillo, derives from the observation tower located on one of the rocky cliffs, while the meaning of the Sicilian dialect word “pizziddu” indicates the shape of the rock, which resemble a “little extremity on the sea”. The small seaside village is also famous for its mineral water springs.


Name: Pozzillo
Type: grainy sand and rocks
Municipality: Acireale (CT)
Length: 400 m
Recommended for: everybody
Exposure: east
Services: bar, parking
Access: free
Parking: free
How to reach the beach: from Catania proceed for about 25 km along the highway A 18 and take the exit to Acireale, following the signs to Pozzillo. It is possible to reach the beach Pozzillo by bus from Acireale: for more information visit Zappalà & Torrisi.
GPS: Lat: 37.657369, Lon: 15.199296