Faro Massolivieri

Faro Massolivieri beach

The beach of Faro Massolivieri is one of the small sandy coves that are located in the Protected Marine Area of Plemmirio, along the eastern coast of Sicily and only 10 km from Syracuse. It fascinates for its clear and pristine waters. The cove has gritty golden sand and rocks, ideal for those who want to swim in a small corner of paradise with crystal waters.


Name: Faro Massolivieri
Type: grainy sand and rocks
Municipality: Syracuse (SR)
Length: 50 m
Recommended for: everybody
Exposure: east-southeast
Services: none
Access: free
Parking: free
How to reach the beach: from Syracuse proceed for about 10 km following the signs to Riserva Naturale del Plemmirio along the road SS 115 and take Via del Lido Sacramento. Once arrived in Via Faro Massolivieri, turn right taking Via Isola and follow the road until you reach the beach
GPS: Lat: 37.0402848, Lon: 15.3068955

The Grotta della Pillirina

Next to the bay there is a cave named “Grotta della Pillirina”, the place of a sad legend of love: two lovers used to meet every night in this cave, but their bond was impeded by the noble parents of the girl, who refused to marry her with a simple sailor. For several nights, the woman remained waiting for her man who did not appear anymore. Then, destroyed by the pain, she decided to throw herself off the cliff.